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Tong Yi Industrial Co., Ltd.
Our goal is to provide the world's highest level of enterprise products and services to our customers throughout, and want to give them a new vision.
Our top-notch R & D team and technical personnel to our wide range of products of the new features, performance and appearance. Insist on providing superior quality products, we will continue to design and develop innovative projects and create more profits, profitable line of business with our customers to share. Now our focus is on the design and manufacture of aluminum, zinc alloy motorcycle mirrors, including LED module type styles
We believe that our tireless efforts, so that we can stay ahead of the latest market
Trends. Build: Founded in April 1, 2005 Business: motorcycle rearview mirror for gin parts, and CNC parts. Tong Yi Tong Yih Industrial Co., Ltd. a leading international manufacturer of accessories in the world of high-quality aluminiuim mirror, please visit our product demonstrations, and inspiration from our unique and innovative quality products. We look forward to your visit.